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by Sheerbulls Mar 15 2022

Top 3 Features and Benefits of Pre-Leased Property


With the increase in population, demand for residential properties is also rising. However, demand for commercial properties has also increased. Therefore, residential and commercial properties show increasing signs for leased property. Pre-leased property is commercial or residential property leased out to a tenant for a mutually agreed lease period & terms & conditions for rent on a monthly basis. However, the standard lease period for commercial property is 9 years with 3-5 years of lock-in period with a 10% escalation clause every three years. In today’s era, under-construction projects are signed with pre-rented properties for sale in Gurgaon.  

Gurgaon is renowned as a vital city in India for investment with the increase in the IT sector. Therefore, demand for properties is increasing day by day. Gurgaon has become the hub for various businesses and has been developed with DLF with world-class amenities. It is also close to Delhi Airport and National Highway making it a vital destination for investment. Gurgaon has various residential projects and has the best metro connectivity. It has become the best infrastructure for MNCs that are looking for properties for office purposes in Gurgaon. MG Road is considered to be the best property for investment in Gurgaon. Several popular office towers are located closer to NH-8. Here are the following 

Types of Pre-leased Properties


Pre-rented office space for sale : These pre-rented properties offer zero waiting period on investment and are mostly preferred by investors for immediate returns and zero risk. This has attracted lots of investors to invest in office space for sale in Gurgaon.

Due to zero risk and quick return, the real estate market is large and complex. Pre-rented office spaces are also demanded due to low pricing between vacant property and pre-leased property. 

Commercial shops : Pre-leased property implies commercial properties, office spaces, shops and office buildings. They provide the best return on investment and it is also higher than residential property. Commercial properties appreciate in the long run. Therefore, commercial shops in Gurgaon bring good returns and appreciation on investment. 

Pre-rented warehouse and Industrial property : Another form of pre-leased property is the pre-leased warehouse. The pre-leased warehouse in the main city brings more return on capital investment. 

Benefits of Pre-leased Property


Capital Appreciation : Pre-leased commercial real estate property provides capital appreciation and thus brings more return on the sale of the property. 

High Rental Yield : Pre-leased commercial properties provide high ROI compared with residential properties. The ROI on commercial properties are ranging from 9 -15% compared to 3-6% against residential properties. 

Good Return : The other benefit of buying a Pre-leased Commercial property is that it provides a good return on the sale of properties. However, a bank loan can be availed on such property at up to 90 % of its value. Therefore, high net worth individuals invest in the pre-leased properties for a quick processing period.

Therefore the investor has to research before taking up the right property, and it has to be analysed on several parameters like quality, location and lease term. So if you are looking for investment in pre-leased properties, then you should contact sheerbulls.com for the best deals and better return on investment. These pre-leased commercial properties are safe and secure and can be easily financeable by the bank. These properties have tax benefits, and no GST can be charged. This is the most liquid asset in the real estate market.